Contact Center

The primary goal of HolaDoctor's team of bilingual Health Care Specialists is to offer superior contact center-based Hispanic member acquisition and member engagement and retention services to our customers. Our strengths are based on investments made in three areas: people, processes and technology. Our people are bilingual Hispanic professionals who receive in-depth training and education for each client and product. Our processes are built to make each client experience as successful as possible. Our technology is state-of-the-art, with the capability to integrate directly with our customers' systems and application.

Member Acquisition Services

Experts in healthcare reform, health insurance, and the U.S. healthcare system, our in-bound customer service representatives support member acquisition by:

  • Educating consumers about the Affordable Care Act, subsidy eligibility, and health insurance in general
  • Qualifying prospective members
  • Enrolling sales ready leads via a personalized warm transferring process to your health plan sales channels or closing them on your behalf
  • Offering overflow protection during busy enrollment periods to achieve highest possible live answer rates and new members

Our out-bound customer service representatives support member acquisition by:

  • Qualifying prospective members
  • Warm transferring to your health plan sales channels
  • Upselling and cross-selling by actively listening to customers' needs and tailoring new service and product offerings that are relevant to each individual

Member Engagement & Retention Services

Our customer service supports member engagement and retention by:

  • Supporting your new Hispanic members from the moment they enroll to ensure their complete satisfaction with their insurance policy
  • Conducting outbound calls to new and existing members
  • Responding to in-bound calls from members to answer questions about insurance, healthcare, accessing doctors, and more
  • Coaching members through the completion of their HRA