Hispanic Brokerage


Hispanics are much more likely to buy health insurance from someone who they can trust and who understands their needs. Many low-income Hispanics also want to buy in-person, in a setting that aligns with their culture and economic level. HolaDoctor offers a range of Hispanic brokerage services, including: retail enrollment and service centers, phone-based agents, and a network of bilingual agents on the ground. For health plans short on bilingual agents who can enroll Hispanics, HolaDoctor can help!.

Hola Seguros (a wholly owned subsidiary of HolaDoctor) is a network of unassuming, culturally appropriate In addition to promoting and selling health plan products, the Centers also provide a venue for onboarding, collecting premium payments, and assisting Hispanics with their benefits. The results for your health plan: Ask about our "preferred market partner" program.

Turning qualified Hispanic leads into members over the phone is a specialized skill few health plan or vendor telesales departments have. HolaDoctor's telesales agents specialize in exactly this! HolaDoctor's licensed telesales agents can be your Hispanic enrollment solution or complement your existing telesales capabilities.

HolaDoctor has a network of Hispanic agents in the field, ready to sell. Our agents specialize in selling exchange products to high-subsidy-eligible Hispanic customers and are experts at motivating Hispanics to make a purchase decision. They are also adept at addressing Hispanics' common concerns about buying through the exchange, including finding Spanish-speaking doctors in network and sharing family income and immigration information with the government.