Client Examples

HolaDoctor is, or has recently been, the lead Hispanic Growth Strategist for Anthem (14 Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans), Horizon BCBS New Jersey, Florida Blue, Highmark BCBS Pennsylvania, HCSC (BCBS TX, IL, NM, OK), the American Cancer Society, and Tenet Healthcare, among other major healthcare entities.

Case Study 1

Hispanic Growth Strategy: Major Health Plan

Business Need and Opportunity: The Affordable Care Act offers a tremendous growth opportunity for health plans serving heavily Hispanic states. In many states, a large percentage of consumers that is subsidy-eligible for the exchanges are Hispanic. Most health plans have little experience in effectively marketing directly to Hispanic consumers.

Consulting Engagement: HolaDoctor was hired as the lead consulting firm for this initiative. During this engagement, we have:

  • Helped to build the business case for targeting Hispanics
  • Provided guidance to the VP of multicultural marketing on the design of the strategy
  • Co-presented the plan to senior leadership
  • Assisted with developing reporting dashboards to monitor impact
  • Supported the initiative through training of internal staff
  • Brought in community-based partnerships
  • Hired and managed field-based teams of Hispanic educators

Results: With strategic consulting support from HolaDoctor, the initiative:

  • Received full funding during its first year of operation
  • Executed a multi-state Hispanic growth initiative
  • Educated over 100,000 Hispanic consumers
  • Received high-level, positive exposure in the national press
  • Generated tens of thousands of leads on prospective members

Case Study 2

Hispanic Engagement and Health Improvement: Major Health Plan

Business Need and Opportunity: A large employer client of a health plan in a heavily Hispanic state was threatening to change carriers. The large employer had a growing number of Hispanic employees that were diabetic and the health plan was not being successful at enrolling or keeping these employees in the company's disease management program.

Consulting Engagement: HolaDoctor was hired as the lead consulting firm to help better understand and solve these problems. During this engagement, HolaDoctor:

  • Re-analyzed the available HRA, ethnicity and disease condition and utilization data to isolate the core barriers
  • Audited the carrier and employer's communications and coaching services, including listening to Spanish-language health management coaching in real time
  • Conducted a series of focus groups with Hispanic diabetic employees to identify opportunities for improved communications and enrollment strategies
  • Designed an engagement and adherence program for diabetics and pre-diabetics

Results: With strategic consulting support from HolaDoctor, the health plan client:

  • Retained the large employer client account
  • Worked with their employer client to redesign enrollment strategies for the disease management programs
  • Re-designed how data is gathered on the employees/members to allow for faster analysis and reporting on health disparities
  • Re-trained its telephone-based condition management coaches.
  • Hired HolaDoctor to take over the responsibility of translating and culturally-adapting the company's member communications and materials.

A summary brief of this Cultural Engagement Appraisal is available here

Case Study 3

Hispanic Consumer Engagement and Cancer Prevention: The American Cancer Society

Business Need and Opportunity: The American Cancer Society is the largest cancer prevention, research and assistance organization in the U.S. The ACS touches millions of consumers each year and relies on a network of over 1 million volunteers to carry out its mission. Too few of the volunteers or the consumer beneficiaries are Hispanic.

Consulting Engagement: HolaDoctor was hired to design a strategic initiative focused on Hispanics. During this engagement, HolaDoctor:

  • Conducted a SWOT assessment of the organization by interviewing staff in 17 departments throughout the country
  • Visited and evaluated ACS's consumer education call center, staffed with 100's of phone-based counselors
  • Conducted competitive analyses of other cancer-oriented organizations
  • Designed and delivered a strategic plan that included seven core strategies and 21 tactics to increase cancer screenings among Hispanics and grow the Hispanic volunteer force

Results: Since HolaDoctor delivered its strategic plan, the American Cancer Society:

  • Has re-organized the organization's health disparities department
  • Hired a new Director of Hispanic Outreach
  • Refocused efforts on helping consumers, including Hispanics, navigate the healthcare system
  • Is implementing elements of the proposed strategy, as resources allow

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