Market-tested1,2 for optimum effectiveness, Fotonovelas are short, story-telling booklets, which are creative, understandable and a sure bet to engage, grow – and retain – your Hispanic member base. They’re also a great way to help control costs and improve HEDIS scores and STAR ratings.

Educational Story-Telling

Each bilingual Fotonovela is designed to tell your story – to help your Hispanic members better understand health insurance and their benefits.

Studies show Fotonovelas to be highly reliable in educating Hispanics about health care. Why? Because they work.

Fotonovelas aren’t dull and boring. Instead, they’re fast-paced and upbeat – written and designed in a format the Hispanic population is familiar with and can relate to.

For Use Year-Round

Fotonovelas cover a variety of topics and are a great communication tool for year-round use, especially during the open-enrollment season.


Available electronically and in print, Fotonovelas have many uses and are perfect for handing out at grassroots initiatives (health fairs, events, etc.), links to websites, e-mail campaigns, member mailings, special events, enrollment packets, social media, publication inserts – and more. They can be customized with your own brand, including plan-specific materials and images.