Affordable Care Act /
Medicaid Expansion


We provide valuable ACA information that will help Hispanic consumers make an informed choice.

While more individuals will have access to health care coverage options created under Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the changes under ACA still leave Americans with questions about how the law will impact them.

For the nation’s Hispanics – many of whom may be selecting a plan for the very first time – the gaps in knowledge are equally, if not more, prevalent. A recent nationwide study found that nearly 52 percent of Hispanics were not informed about the ACA, however, 89 percent of those surveyed indicated that they want to learn more about the new law.

We Offer

Hispanic Member Education and Outreach via:

HolaDoctor’s Spanish language Interactive Health Insurance Center (IHIC), which may be customized and co-branded for Government Agencies

  • The most comprehensive Spanish language web and mobile resource covering health insurance, the Affordable Care Act subsidies, and the exchanges.
  • A portfolio of culturally relevant video testimonials, slideshows, animations, media essays, self-tests, trivia games and articles to educate Hispanic consumers.

HolaDoctor’s Bilingual Call Center

  • Provides culturally relevant education and outreach on ACA and related topics (e.g. Medicaid eligibility in qualifying states), customer service, warm transfer leads and new member sales transactions via phone, email and real-time chat.
  • Supported by a team of trained, bilingual ACA and health insurance specialists

How We Help

In a recent ACA education and outreach campaign launched in partnership with one of the largest health plans in the country, from the first day of open enrollment through close, HolaDoctor was able to:

  • Guide over 27,000 Hispanics via our Bilingual Call Center on how to gain coverage via the health exchange marketplace.
  • Educate 372,000 Hispanics about the ACA through HolaDoctor’s Interactive Health Insurance Center (IHIC).