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Successfully changing the behavior of Hispanics to improve outcomes and lower costs is our specialty.

Evidence has demonstrated that health promotion programs are more likely to be effective if they are culturally appropriate and relevant.

It is important to emphasize cultural diversity within the Hispanic population when conducting health promotion activities. Subgroups of the Hispanic population -- such as Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans -- differ in their lifestyles, health beliefs, and health practices.

We Offer

Mi Dieta

  • Award-winning nutrition, fitness and weight management program, developed specifically for Hispanic consumers of different ethnicities.
  • MiDieta’s efficacy was confirmed through a 3-year randomized study funded by the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and two Blue Cross Blue Shield plans (Florida and CareFirst).
  • The results of the study showed that MiDieta™ is almost twice as effective for weight loss among Hispanics as other bilingual programs that do not incorporate Hispanic foods and beliefs.
  • Incorporates Hispanics foods, menus and beliefs for healthy eating and weight loss.

Online MiDieta Program Includes:

  • Shopping lists, menu planners, and culturally-relevant content is backed by a team of Spanish-speaking nutritionists who are available by phone, email and real-time chat.
  • Enhancements, such as a Wellness Learning Engine, Educational Modules with self-tests, and an alert platform to trigger educational content and other communications to participants.

MiDieta Mobile Application Features:

  • Personalized and interactive diet and fitness plans
  • A "Build your own menu" application to allow users to customize their meal plans following the guidelines of the American Dietetic Association to meet their daily calorie level
  • A food journal to document each bite and to calculate the number of calories remaining for the day
  • Access to bilingual health coaches by text, phone and secure email (optional)

MiDieta Hard Copy and DVD Version Kits Include:

  • Health Assessment
  • Personalized report
  • Personalized DVD
  • Measuring tape
  • Exchange list
  • Guide for eating out


  • An intuitive mobile and web-based HIPPA compliant platform that is coupled with a personalized, high-touch program.
  • Our solution is culturally appropriate for Hispanics.
  • Program features: daily glucose tracking, personalized diet recommendations, A1C reminders, incentive tracking and a bilingual call center to support your wellness and disease management programs. MiDiabetes enables your Hispanic members to navigate the complexity of managing diabetes, while helping your health plan improve outcomes, improve standards of care scores and increase member loyalty.
  • MiDiabetes is designed to improve the quality of life of your Hispanic members and decrease claim payouts.

Private Health Portals

  • Each private portal is co-branded with the health insurer or government agency and includes our premium engaging content, the MiDieta program, a Hispanic Health Risk Assessment, and live nutritionist support.
  • All portals are culturally adapted for each target population (Mexican, Puerto Rican, etc.) to ensure the highest level of engagement and results.
  • HolaDoctor’s private portals currently help over 220K Hispanic consumers (employees and health insurance members) to better manage their health.

Custom eNewsletters: La Buena Vida

  • Weekly custom eNewsletter for opt-in users.
  • Supplies valuable information on healthy eating, active living and maintaining a stress-free environment.
  • Designed to generate new leads and keep current members engaged, while driving traffic to your government website, this newsletter is customizable and can feature content developed by HolaDoctor or provided by you, on health insurance or another topic of our choosing.

We Offer

  • Alert platform to trigger educational content and other communications to participants
  • Team of experts in Hispanic social media behaviors and trends, working together with our creative team to optimize the engagement of Hispanics into our health programs.
    • Helps build community, moderates discussions and recognizes compliant participants.
  • Bilingual call center with licensed nutritionists
  • Weekly eNewsletter: La Buena Vida

We Offer

Univision Farmacia Prescription
Savings Card

  • HolaDoctor is the exclusive health content partner to Univision Interactive Media (UNIVISION), the leading Hispanic media company reaching 96% of U.S. Hispanic households.
  • The "Univision Farmacia" prescription discount card for uninsured and underinsured Hispanics was launched in 2012 by HolaDoctor, Univision and EnvisionRx.
  • Allows Hispanics to fill prescriptions at up to 85% off retail price.
  • Includes 1.5 million members as of December 2013.
  • Accepted at over 46K pharmacies nationwide including Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid and Target.

Univision Farmacia Mobile Application Features:

  • Easy registration to the program
  • Pharmacy locator by zip code
  • Ability to check medicines and prices
  • Access to Farmacia Card Information, in the form of a virtual card
  • Storage of medical history to help Hispanic users in case of an emergency (e.g. next-of-kin information, primary care physician information, current medications, devices needed/used, religious affiliations and special notes)
  • Easy setup of reminders for taking medications or getting refills.
  • Access to culturally appropriate health news and healthy lifestyle content

How We Help

In 2007, HolaDoctor was selected by the Florida Department of Health to design, implement and administer a $2.5 million bilingual Hispanic Obesity Prevention and Education Program (HOPE) in the state of Florida.

Key Components of the HOPE Program included:

  • A state-wide Hispanic marketing and media campaign promoting the HOPE program through billboard ads, radio and TV commercials, magazine and newspaper articles, email blasts, community events, and community organizations.
  • Active recruitment of and support from community-based organizations to advance their efforts to address overweight and obesity through promotion of improved nutrition and increased physical activity. This effort included development, implementation, and management of a “mini-grants” program totaling $325,000 that was awarded by HolaDoctor to enable community organizations to provide health services to Hispanics at a grassroots level.
  • Development of a state-level, public-private partnership to enable expansion and sustainability of the program. This partnership included hospitals, health plans, and media companies, working together to promote and make HOPE a success.
  • Development and management of a bilingual web-based platform for Hispanic Floridians ( that included personalized health content and programs in both Spanish and English.
  • Offline assessments and materials to engage Medicaid and other lower income Hispanics that may not be active web users.