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We offer solutions that engage with Hispanic members leveraging mobile and self-service portals.

72% of Latinos over the age of 18 own smartphones, which is nearly 10 p ercent higher than the national average. Latinos are adopting smartphones faster than other U.S. ethnic and racial groups.

We Offer

Co-branded private health portals for employees of companies and members of health insurance companies to better manage their health. Each portal includes:

  • Premium engaging content.
  • MiDieta program.
  • Hispanic Health Risk Assessment.
  • Live nutritionist support.
  • Culturally adapted content for each target population (Mexican, Puerto Rican, etc.) to ensure the highest level of engagement and results.
  • HolaDoctor’s private portals currently help over 220K Hispanic consumers improve their health.

We Offer

Culturally appropriate health and wellness mobile applications that offer easy access for Hispanics to impact behavior change, including:

  • Client branded self-service web portals.
  • Mobile application development, all platforms supported.
  • Ability to proactively “push” scheduled content to members through apps.
  • Appointment scheduling and reminder notifications.
  • Ability to track member compliance and obtain member feedback through mobile apps.
  • Option to remotely engage caregivers with members.
  • Ability to develop custom, personalized and interactive diet and fitness content.

MiDieta Móvil is an on-the-go personalized diet and fitness program available for Android and iOS phones and tablets. This mobile version of HolaDoctor's evidence-based MiDieta provides members:

  • Personalized and interactive diet and fitness plans.
  • A "Build your own menu" application to allow users to customize their meal plans following the guidelines of the American Dietetic Association to meet their daily calorie level.
  • A food journal to document each bite and to calculate the number of calories remaining for the day.
  • Access to bilingual health coaches by text, phone and secure email.

Univision Farmacia mobile application features:

  • Easy registration to the program.
  • Pharmacy locator by zip code .
  • Ability to check medicines and prices.
  • Access to Farmacia Card Information, in the form of a virtual card.
  • Storage of medical history to help Hispanic users in case of an emergency (e.g. next-of-kin information, primary care physician information, current medications, devices needed/used, religious affiliations and special notes).
  • Easy setup of reminders for taking medications or getting refills.
  • Access to culturally appropriate health news and healthy lifestyle content.