Translation / Trans-creation


We understand the Hispanic consumer better than anyone and will help you produce culturally relevant health content that impacts behavior change.”

Cultural competence is the ability to work effectively within a patient’s cultural context, which includes individual, family, and community cultural values, beliefs, and behaviors.

A study from the Pew Hispanic Center shows that 82% of Latino adults in the U.S. speak Spanish, and 95% believe it’s important for future generations to continue to do so.

We Offer

Over 20 years of experience in translation and localization for agencies and organizations of all types and sizes, HolaDoctor is a leading provider of linguistically and culturally appropriate multicultural communications.

Translation and Cultural Adaptation services that include:

  • A deep understanding of the Hispanic and multicultural healthcare consumer, including how they search and access consumer health information online.
  • Expertise in developing culturally-appropriate versions of content (click here to download a copy of our “Cultural Adaptation Methodology” White Paper).
  • The people, processes and client services tailored precisely to the translation needs of healthcare industry (e.g. high quality, HIPAA compliance).
  • The largest healthcare glossary in the industry.
  • Quality assurance and review procedures that assure highly accurate translations.
  • The ability to produce medically accurate translations that are well understood by consumers of modest or low literacy.
  • The ability to deliver large healthcare translation projects within very tight time frames

How We Help

HolaDoctor translated over two million words of health encyclopedic content over a period of nine months for, Healthwise, a client. This project included a wide array of file types, including: XML files, PDF files, interactive tools, multimedia documents, and metadata. As one of the premier providers of healthcare content, Healthwise has extremely rigorous quality control and assurance standards. When HolaDoctor began the project, Healthwise was reviewing 85% of the deliverables, as it had been doing with previous vendors. Within a month of seeing the high quality of the translations HolaDoctor was delivering, Healthwise modified their protocol to review only 5% of our translation.

On a daily basis, and within a matter of hours, HolaDoctor translates the most widely distributed health news feeds for both WebMD and HealthDay News.