Hispanic Health

Management Programs

As a result of poor diets, inactivity and obesity, Hispanics experience disproportionately high rates of diabetes and other chronic conditions. The rate of diabetes among U.S. Hispanics is roughly twice that of non-Hispanic whites, according to a 2012 CDC report.

In the last decade, HolaDoctor developed, tested, and implemented three culturally relevant programs for Hispanics on healthy weight, prevention and diabetes management.

1. MiDieta

A diet and healthy weight program that honors Hispanic tradition while offering nutritious recipes and Latin food suggestions to keep participants satisfied and healthy.

Our mobile app – MiDieta Móvil – allows program participants the ability to manage their weight on the go!

2. Mi Vida Saludable

The goal of our Chronic Disease Prevention program, which is based on the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), is This 16-week course curriculum provides members with an education on a proper diet, exercise methods and behavior modification skills, while the year-long follow up series promotes long term maintenance. The components of the program – website, Health Risk Assessment (HRA), core prevention and wellness program, health and wellness library, text messages and emails, and health coaching – are presented in Spanish and are culturally appropriate for Hispanics.

3. MiDiabetes

Incorporating 20 years of learning in diabetes management with Hispanic communities across the nation, MiDiabetes provides participants with website and mobile access to help them successfully follow the program