Hispanic Member


Targeting the over 2 million Hispanics that visit HolaDoctor's web and mobile sites each month, in addition to the 1.3 million uninsured and underinsured individuals in our ever-growing database, HolaDoctor designs comprehensive web, social media and database marketing campaigns that will generate new members, build trust and strengthen your brand.

HolaDoctor's Hispanic Member Acquisition Solution aids in informing Hispanics about the value of health insurance and generating qualified leads so that through the Healthcare Exchanges.

We obtain prospective members by highlighting HolaDoctor's Spanish language Interactive Health Insurance Center, whose key objectives are to including subsidies, tax credits, etc., and Our bilingual Health Insurance Specialists are available around the clock to address any and all health insurance questions via telephone, email and real-time chat.

HolaDoctor takes an active role in helping you gain new members, by sending qualified prospects directly to your enrollment website and telesales, or warm transferring calls to a representative of your sales team. Our team of Hispanic insurance agents is also prepared to close a sale with a prospective member.

To visually grasp the power of HolaDoctor's Hispanic Member Acquisition Solution, we've created a graphical representation of the process (see below).