Premium Content

HolaDoctor is proud to offer our clients customized and branded original and engaging health and lifestyle content, available both online and on your mobile device, for use by their Hispanic members and prospects. Our evidence-based and culturally relevant solutions for Hispanics of all ethnic backgrounds will increase loyalty among your members and website visitors and boost your brand equity.

Custom eNewsletters

La Buena Vida – a weekly custom eNewsletter for opt-in users – supplies valuable information on healthy eating, active living and maintaining a stress-free environment.

Designed to generate new leads and keep current members engaged, while driving traffic to your member website, this newsletter is customizable and can feature content on health insurance or another topic of our choosing, developed by HolaDoctor or provided by you.

HolaDoctor also offers new, fully customizable eNewsletters with original content developed specifically for your health plan to target your Hispanic members or prospects. The main goal of these marketing newsletters, which can be co-branded with Univision and/or HolaDoctor brands to build trust within the Hispanic community, is to engage existing members and aid them in using their health insurance effectively so that they will renew their policy, or to generate sales from Hispanics looking to buy health insurance.