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HolaDoctor is proud to offer our clients customized and branded original and engaging health and lifestyle content, available both online and on your mobile device, for use by their Hispanic members and prospects. Our evidence-based and culturally relevant solutions for Hispanics of all ethnic backgrounds will increase loyalty among your members and website visitors and boost your brand equity.

Hispanic Health and Lifestyle

The largest available library of culturally relevant and engaging Hispanic health content and programs online:

Personalized Weight Management Program

MiDieta is an evidence-based diet, fitness and weight management program developed specifically for U.S. Hispanics.

MiDieta honors Hispanic traditions while offering nutritious recipes and Latin food suggestions to keep participants satisfied and healthy.

Branded and customized for our clients, the MiDieta offers:

  • Interactive diet, fitness, and eating behaviors evaluation with personalized reports
  • Personalized & interactive diet and fitness plans
  • A "Build your own Menu" application o allow users to customize their own meal plans following the guidelines of the American Dietetic Association, and meeting their daily calorie level
  • Hundreds of articles, tips, and healthy recipes
  • Customized bilingual eNewsletter on Latino diet and fitness
  • Access to bilingual heath coaches by text, phone and secure email (optional)

MiDieta was proven effective in a large, randomized trial funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and three Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Plans, that concluded that Hispanics who used MiDieta lost twice as much weight as those that used a non-culturally appropriate weight loss program, in Spanish or English.

Proven effective in a commercial setting, a customized version of MiDieta was developed and implemented by HolaDoctor as part of a state-wide Hispanic Obesity Prevention and Education (HOPE) Program in the State of Florida, paid for by the Florida Department of Health The results proved that MiDieta was successful in achieving the two central goals of the program: 1) increasing physical activity and 2) increasing fruit and vegetable intake among Hispanics in Florida.

Exercise Videos and Routines

Bring the gym into your home with Mis Ejercicios. This all-inclusive and fun exercise hub serves as a private personal trainer with over 100 different exercise videos available, allowing users to craft routines based on their personal needs.

For some U.S. Hispanics, losing weight or adding muscle mass is the motivating factor for working out, but everyone can agree that being healthy is the ultimate goal – and it starts with becoming active.

Hispanic Health Risk Assessments (HRA)

HolaDoctor's HRAs can be easily customized for your specific Hispanic membership (Mexican, Puerto Rican, etc.) or for the general U.S. Hispanic population.

The HRA provides the user with a personalized report on their health status each time they complete it, and also provides your organization or employer clients with aggregated reports on the health status of their population. Available in both Spanish and English, HolaDoctor's Hispanic HRA enables your health plan and employer clients estimate and manage the risk level of your population for developing chronic diseases and illnesses.

Healthy Lifestyles for Latinas

Mujer, our newest content solution, is empowering Latina women

to look and feel their best by offering diverse lifestyle and wellness content ranging from skincare to reproductive health.

Hispanic Celebrity Health News

Beyond the red carpet, TV premiere event or concert stage, Latino stars are just like you and me.

They strive for a healthy lifestyle, but they too struggle with health issues. Our dedicated staff of celebrity journalists produces culturally relevant news stories on everything from Latino stars living with health conditions to tips on staying fit and dealing with daily stress. This popular channel engages site visitors and allows them to learn about their own health in a fun way.

Daily Health News

Keep your Hispanic users informed daily with the most up to date health news, curated by HolaDoctor's dedicated staff.

Seven days a week, members can expect to read relevant new pieces on health alerts, medical breakthroughs and updates.

Our partner content products:

Health – A to Z

Search this multimedia health library, developed by ADAM and translated by HolaDoctor, of over 3,900 simplified healthcare articles by category (e.g., Diseases) or alphabetically.

This interactive educational resource also includes 40 high definition videos on a variety of topics, an anatomically correct symptom checker, and over 170 presentations with frame-by-frame explanations of common medical procedures and surgeries.

Alternative Medicine

Developed by Natural Standard and licensed by the Natural Library of Medicine, this one-of-a-kind encyclopedia provides top notch, evidence-based information about alternative medicine.

Grades denote the level of available scientific data for or against the use of each therapy in relation to a specific medical condition.