Premium Content

HolaDoctor is proud to offer our clients customized and branded original and engaging health and lifestyle content, available both online and on your mobile device, for use by their Hispanic members and prospects. Our evidence-based and culturally relevant solutions for Hispanics of all ethnic backgrounds will increase loyalty among your members and website visitors and boost your brand equity.

Interactive Health Insurance Center

The Interactive Health Insurance Center is the most comprehensive Spanish language web and mobile resource covering health insurance, the Affordable Care Act subsidies and the Exchanges.

Designed to educate, engage and capture Hispanic prospects interested in health insurance, the IHIC features a portfolio of culturally relevant video testimonials, slideshows, animations, media essays, self-tests, trivia games and articles.

Supported by a team of trained, bilingual health insurance specialists , the Interactive Health Insurance Center, which can be customized and co-branded, provides customer service, warm transfer leads and new member sales transactions via phone, email and real-time chat.