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HolaDoctor conducts original, cutting-edge research on how to engage and change behaviors among Hispanic health seekers. We make these insights available through free white papers as well as publication in scientific journals. Download our latest studies and white papers below.

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This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information received by HolaDoctor, Inc. in any format. HolaDoctor, Inc. will ensure all global data handled by our offices conforms to this Privacy Policy.

HolaDoctor, Inc. treats all material sent to us from our clients and vendors (collectively, “CVs”) as confidential in accordance with its current confidentiality undertakings with CVs. Confidentiality provisions are required as part of all of our contracts with all of our CVs; each separate entity must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to becoming affiliated or working with HolaDoctor, Inc..

HolaDoctor, Inc. maintains personal data regarding CVs on secure systems. This information is collected to aid HolaDoctor, Inc. in conducting business operations. In addition to the personal data itself, the information which HolaDoctor, Inc. protects includes contact details, billing/invoicing/payment information, services provided to our clients, and information within source and reference files sent to perform translation projects. In regards to our employees and vendors, this information may also include contact details, payment information, professional qualifications, financial information, and information provided by the employee or vendor in its resume. When requested by a client and permitted under applicable law, HolaDoctor, Inc. may also cause criminal background checks to be conducted on all employees as well as seek such information concerning key vendors or consultants who may be retained by them. If criminal background checks are needed by clients for our vendors, HolaDoctor, Inc. may accommodate this request if permitted under local law and for an additional fee. Please discuss with your Client Services Representative if needed.

HolaDoctor, Inc. does not rent, sell, loan or otherwise make available personal data to any third party unless required by law or in the scope of a registrar, regulatory, or financial audit.

When any clients visit HolaDoctor, Inc.′s website, HolaDoctor, Inc. does not track personal data, names or email addresses. Instead, HolaDoctor, Inc. only tracks which Internet Service Provider has accessed the site as well as statistics that show the number of site visitors, those requests received and the country origin of those requests. This information is used to improve our site in order to better serve our clients, but this information does not constitute personal data.

In order to better serve our client′s needs and provide further information concerning services, HolaDoctor, Inc. may, from time-to-time, send information on additional services we provide. Should any client decide that this information is not desirable, a client may opt-out of receiving this information by informing their Client Services Representative or by contacting the HolaDoctor, Inc. Privacy Officer at 877-846-5237


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