Language Services:

Translation, Cultural Adaptation and Interpretation

HolaDoctor is a leading provider of linguistically and culturally appropriate communications to the U.S. industry. HolaDoctor has over 21 years of experience translating and culturally adapting content for agencies and organizations of all types and sizes, and offers the highest quality translations through superior project management, deep knowledge of the multicultural community and consumers and personalized customer service.

Our deep understanding of the US Hispanic and Multicultural Community and Consumers sets HolaDoctor apart from other language service providers. This knowledge and expertise allow us to deliver not only accurate communications, but also those that engage and target specific sub-groups among these populations.

We got you covered! We understand how to communicate and reach your multicultural consumers.

HolaDoctor’s deep understanding of the US Hispanic and Multicultural consumers comes from 21+ years of experience:

Conducting research projects with Multicultural Healthcare Consumers from different countries and acculturation levels.

Working for years with important healthcare clients and government agencies by helping them engage diverse populations in a variety of different ways:

  • Developing & Implementing culturally relevant OEP Multicultural Marketing Campaigns (online/offline)
  • Translating & Culturally adapting healthcare, legal and educational content
  • Developing multicultural educational campaigns( online/offline)
  • Implementing Multicultural Outreach Programs at the grassroots level
  • Implementing Hispanic Wellness & Medical Adherence programs
  • Facilitating Hispanic and Multicultural member enrollment (face-to-face/over the phone)
  • Facilitating Customer Service, including Payment processing services (face-to-face/over the phone)
  • Providing Interpretation Services in a variety of settings
  • Developing Custom Content for, Univision Salud and our eNewsletter La Buena Vida

Regardless of what you need translated — marketing materials, websites, documents, or software/applications — we have the proper staff, processes, and technologies in place to get the job done! Let HolaDoctor's technically accurate and affordable translation solutions help you grow your business, comply with government regulations, and improve the health and education of your Hispanic and multi-lingual customers.

Our translation and cultural adaptation work includes:

  • Health Plan Member Communications including compliance documents, EOBs, member communications, health and wellness promotional materials
  • Content for Digital Companies including digital health encyclopedias, daily newsletters, health and wellness programs, and specialties such as diabetes and cancer
  • Patient Communications for Hospitals and Clinics, including intake and discharge forms, HIPAA documents, marketing materials, websites and patient services communications
  • Schools and Goverment communication and documentation
  • Multicultural Marketing Campaigns with online/offline materials and collaboration with brand and direct marketing agencies from project planning to execution
  • Website and Content Maintenance: HolaDoctor makes sure your content is always accurate and up to date, in line with your source content. We implement a proven methodology that gives you the ability to easily and efficiently manage and update translations of your content in any language
  • Forming an ongoing Partnership with you so that future projects will be translated and made culturally relevant

Click here to get a copy of our white paper: Cultural Adaptation for Health